International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-1968) 1 , 2

Major Group 0/1 Professional, technical and related workers

0-1. Physical scientists and related technicians
0-2/3. Architects, engineers and related technicians
0-4. Aircraft and ships’ officers
0-5. Life scientists and related technicians
0-6/7. Medical, dental, veterinary and related workers
0-8. Statisticians, mathematicians, systems analysts and related technicians
0-9. Economists
1-1. Accountants
1-2. Jurists
1-3. Teachers
1-4. Workers in religion
1-5. Authors, journalists and related writers
1-6. Sculptors, painters, photographers and related creative artists
1-7. Composers and performing artists
1-8. Athletes, sportsmen and related workers
1-9. Professional, technical and related workers not elsewhere classified

Major Group 2 Administrative and managerial workers

2-0. Legislative officials and government administrators
2-1. Managers

Major Group 3 Clerical and related workers

3-0. Clerical supervisors
3-1. Government executive officials
3-2. Stenographers, typists and card- and tape-punching machine operators
3-3. Bookkeepers, cashiers and related workers
3-4. Computing machine operators
3-5. Transport and communications supervisors
3-6. Transport conductors
3-7. Mail distribution clerks
3-8. Telephone and telegraph operators
3-9. Clerical related workers not elsewhere classified

Major Group 4 Sales workers

4-0. Managers (wholesale and retail trade)
4-1. Working proprietors (wholesale and retail trade)
4-2. Sales supervisors and buyers
4-3. Technical salesmen, commercial travellers and manufacturers’ agents
4-4. Insurance, real estate, securities and business services salesmen and auctioneers
4-5. Salesmen, shop assistants and related workers
4-9. Sales workers not elsewhere classified

Major Group 5 Service workers

5-0. Managers (catering and lodging services)
5-1. Working proprietors (catering and lodging services)
5-2. Housekeeping and related service supervisors
5-3. Cooks, waiters, bartenders and related workers
5-4. Maids and related housekeeping service workers not elsewhere classified
5-5. Building caretakers, charworkers, cleaners and related workers
5-6. Launderers, dry-cleaners and pressers
5-7. Hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and related workers
5-8. Protective service workers
5-9. Service workers not elsewhere classified

Major Group 6 Agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry workers, fishermen and hunters

6-0. Farm managers and supervisors
6-1. Farmers
6-2. Agriculture and animal husbandry workers
6-3. Forestry workers
6-4. Fishermen, hunters and related workers

Major Group 7/8/9 Production and related workers, transport equipment operators and labourers

7-0. Production supervisors and general foremen
7-1. Miners, quarrymen, well drillers and related workers
7-2. Metal processers
7-3. Wood preparation workers and paper makers
7-4. Chemical processers and related workers
7-5. Spinners, weavers, knitters, dyers and related workers
7-6. Tanners, fellmongers and pelt dressers
7-7. Food and beverage processers
7-8. Tobacco preparers and tobacco product makers
7-9. Tailors, dressmakers, sewers, upholsterers and related workers
8-0. Shoemakers and leather goods makers
8-1. Cabinetmakers and related woodworkers
8-2. Stone cutters and carvers
8-3. Blacksmiths, toolmakers and machine-tool operators
8-4. Machinery fitters, machine assemblers and precision instrument makers (except electrical)
8-5. Electrical fitters and related electrical and electronics workers
8-6. Broadcasting station and sound equipment operators and cinema projectionists
8-7. Plumbers, welders, sheet metal and structural metal preparers and erectors
8-8. Jewellery and precious metal workers
8-9. Glass formers, potters and related workers
9-0. Rubber and plastics product makers
9-1. Paper and paper board products makers
9-2. Printers and related workers
9-3. Painters
9-4. Production and related workers not elsewhere classified
9-5. Bricklayers, carpenters and other construction workers
9-6. Stationary engine and related equipment operators
9-7. Material-handling and related equipment operators, dockers and freight handlers
9-8. Transport equipment operators
9-9. Labourers not elsewhere classified

Major Group X Workers not classifiable by occupation

X-1. New workers seeking employment
X-2. Workers reporting occupations unidentifiable or inadequately described
X-3. Workers not reporting any occupation

Armed Forces Members of the armed forces


1 Major and Minor groups only. This Classification consists of Major groups (one-digit codes), Minor groups (two-digit codes), Unit groups (three-digit codes) and Occupational categories (five-digit codes). For full details, see ILO: International Standard classification of Occupations, revised edition, 1968 (Geneva, 1969).
2 The revised International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-88), which was approved by the 14th International Conference of Labour Statisticians 1987, was published in 1990.