International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-88)

Major, Sub-Major and Minor Groups

Major Group 1 Legislators, senior officials and managers
11. Legislators and senior officials
111. Legislators
112. Senior government officials
113. Traditional chiefs and heads of villages
114. Senior officials of special-interest organisations
12. Corporate managers 1
121. Directors and chief executives
122. Production and operations department managers
123. Other department managers
13. General managers 2
131. General managers

Major Group 2 Professionals
21. Physical, mathematical and engineering science professionals
211. Physicists, chemists and related professionals
212. Mathematicians, statisticians and related professionals
213. Computing professionals
214. Architects, engineers and related professionals
22. Life science and health professional
221. Life science professionals
222. Health professionals (except nursing)
223. Nursing and midwifery professionals
23. Teaching professionals
231. College, university and higher education teaching professionals
232. Secondary education teaching professionals
233. Primary and pre-primary education teaching professionals
234. Special education teaching professionals
235. Other teaching professionals
24. Other professionals
241. Business professionals
242. Legal professionals
243. Archivists, librarians and related information professionals
244. Social science and related professionals
245. Writers and creative or performing artists
246. Religious professionals

Major Group 3 Technicians and associate professionals
31. Physical and engineering science associate professionals
311. Physical and engineering science technicians
312. Computer associate professionals
313. Optical and electronic equipment operators
314. Ship and aircraft controllers and technicians
315. Safety and quality inspectors
32. Life science and health associate professionals
321. Life science technicians and related associate professionals
322. Modern health associate professionals (except nursing)
323. Nursing and midwifery associate professionals
324. Traditional medicine practitioners and faith healers
33. Teaching associate professionals
331. Primary education teaching associate professionals
332. Pre-primary education teaching associate professionals
333. Special education teaching associate professionals
334. Other teaching associate professionals
34. Other associate professionals
341. Finance and sales associate professionals
342. Business services agents and trade brokers
343. Administrative associate professionals
344. Customs, tax and related government associate professionals
345. Police inspectors and detectives
346. Social work associate professionals
347. Artistic, entertainment and sports associate professionals
348. Religious associate professionals

Major Group 4 Clerks
41. Office clerks
411. Secretaries and keyboard-operating clerks
412. Numerical clerks
413. Material-recording and transport clerks
414. Library, mail and related clerks
419. Other office clerks
42. Customer service clerks
421. Cashiers, tellers and related clerks
422. Client information clerks

Major Group 5 Service workers and shop and market sales workers
51. Personal and protective services workers
511. Travel attendants and related workers
512. Housekeeping and restaurant services workers
513. Personal care and related workers
514. Other personal service workers
515. Astrologers, fortune-tellers and related workers
516. Protective services workers
52. Models, salespersons and demonstrators
521. Fashion and other models
522. Shop salespersons and demonstrators
523. Stall and market salespersons

Major Group 6 Skilled agricultural and fishery workers
61. Market-oriented skilled agricultural and fishery workers
611. Market gardeners and crop growers
612. Market-oriented animal producers and related workers
613. Market-oriented crop and animal producers
614. Forestry and related workers
615. Fishery workers, hunters and trappers
62. Subsistence agricultural and fishery workers
621. Subsistence agricultural and fishery workers

Major Group 7 Craft and related trade workers
71. Extraction and building trade workers
711. Miners, shotfirers, stone cutters and carvers
712. Building frame and related trades workers
713. Building finishers and related trades workers
714. Painters, building structure cleaners and related trades workers
72. Metal, machinery and related trades workers
721. Metal moulders, welders, sheet-metal workers, structural-metal preparers, and related trades workers
722. Blacksmiths, tool-makers and related trades workers
723. Machinery mechanics and fitters
724. Electrical and electronic equipment mechanics and fitters
73. Precision, handicraft, printing and related trades workers
731 Precision workers in metal and related materials
732. Potters, glass-makers and related trades workers
733. Handicraft workers in wood, textile, leather and related material
734. Printing and related trades workers
74. Other craft and related trades workers
741. Food processing and related trades workers
742. Wood treaters, cabinet-makers and related trades workers
743. Textile, garment and related trades workers
744. Pelt, leather and shoemaking trades workers

Major Group 8 Plant and machine operators and assemblers
81. Stationary plant and related operators
811. Mining and mineral-processing-plant operators
812. Metal-processing-plant operators
813. Glass, ceramics and related plant-operators
814. Wood-processing-and papermaking-plant operators
815. Chemical-processing-plant operators
816. Power-production and related plant operators
817. Automated-assembly-line and industrial-robot operators
82. Machine operators and assemblers
821. Metal-and mineral-products machine operators
822. Chemical-products machine operators
823. Rubber- and plastic-products machine operators
824. Wood-products machine operators
825. Printing-, binding-and paper-products machine operators
826. Textile-, fur-and leather-products machine operators
827. Food and related products machine operators
828. Assemblers
829. Other machine operators and assemblers
83. Drivers and mobile plant operators
831. Locomotive engine drivers and related workers
832. Motor vehicle drivers
833. Agricultural and other mobile plant operators
834. Ships’ deck crews and related workers

Major Group 9 Elementary occupations
91. Sales and services elementary occupations
911. Street vendors and related workers
912. Shoe cleaning and other street services elementary occupations
913. Domestic and related helpers, cleaners and launderers
914. Building caretakers, window and related cleaners
915. Messengers, porters, doorkeepers and related workers
916. Garbage collectors and related labourers
92. Agricultural, fishery and related labourers
921. Agricultural, fishery and related labourers
93. Labourers in mining, construction, manufacturing and transport
931. Mining and construction labourers
932. Manufacturing labourers
933. Transport labourers and freight handlers

Major Group 0 Armed forces
01 Armed forces
011 Armed forces


1 This sub-major group is intended to include persons who - as directors, chief executives or specialised managers - manage enterprises requiring a total of three or more managers.

2 This sub-major group is intended to include persons who manage enterprises on their own behalf, or on behalf of the proprietor, with some non-managerial help and assistance of no more than one other manager.