International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (ISIC-Rev.2, 1968) 1

Major Division 1. Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing
11. Agriculture and Hunting
111. Agricultural and livestock production
112. Agricultural services
113. Hunting, trapping and game propagation
12. Forestry and Logging
121. Forestry
122. Logging
130. Fishing

Major Division 2. Mining and Quarrying
210. Coal Mining
220. Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Production
230. Metal Ore Mining
290. Other Mining

Major Division 3. Manufacturing
31. Manufacture of Food, Beverages and Tobacco
311-312. Food manufacturing
313. Beverage industries
314. Tobacco manufactures
32. Textile, Wearing Apparel and Leather Industries
321. Manufacture of textiles
322. Manufacture of wearing apparel, except footwear
323. Manufacture of leather and products of leather, leather substitutes and fur, except footwear and wearing apparel
324. Manufacture of footwear, except vulcanized or moulded rubber or plastic footwear
33. Manufacture of Wood and Wood Products, Including Furniture
331. Manufacture of wood and wood and cork products, except furniture
332. Manufacture of furniture and fixtures, except primarily of metal
34. Manufacture of Paper and Paper Products, Printing and Publishing
341. Manufacture of paper and paper products
342. Printing, publishing and allied industries
35. Manufacture of Chemicals and Chemical, Petroleum, Coal, Rubber and Plastic Products
351. Manufacture of industrial chemicals
352. Manufacture of other chemical products
353. Petroleum refineries
354. Manufacture of miscellaneous products of petroleum and coal
355. Manufacture of rubber products
356. Manufacture of plastic products not elsewhere classified
36. Manufacture of Non-Metallic Mineral Products, except Products of Petroleum and Coal
361. Manufacture of pottery, china and earthenware
362. Manufacture of glass and glass products
369. Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
37. Basic Metal Industries
371. Iron and steel basic industries
372. Non-ferrous metal basic industries
38. Manufacture of Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment
381. Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
382. Manufacture of machinery except electrical
383. Manufacture of electrical machinery apparatus, appliances and supplies
384. Manufacture of transport equipment
385. Manufacture of professional and scientific and measuring and controlling equipment not elsewhere classified, and of photographic and optical goods
390. Other Manufacturing Industries

Major Division 4. Electricity, Gas and Water
410. Electricity, Gas and Steam
420. Water Works and Supply

Major Division 5. Construction
500. Construction

Major Division 6. Wholesale and Retail Trade and Restaurants and Hotels
610. Wholesale Trade
620. Retail Trade
63. Restaurants and Hotels
631. Restaurants, cafés and other eating and drinking places
632. Hotels, rooming houses, camps and other lodging places

Major Division 7. Transport, Storage and Communication
71. Transport and Storage
711. Land transport
712. Water transport
713. Air transport
719. Services allied to transport
720. Communication

Major Division 8. Financing, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services
810. Financial Institutions
820. Insurance
83. Real Estate and Business Services
831. Real estate
832. Business services except machinery and equipment rental and leasing
833. Machinery and equipment rental and leasing

Major Division 9. Community, Social and Personal Services
910. Public Administration and Defence
920. Sanitary and Similar Services
93. Social and Related Community Services
931. Education services
932. Research and scientific institutes
933. Medical, dental, other health and veterinary services
934. Welfare institutions
935. Business, professional and labour associations
939. Other social and related community services
94. Recreational and Cultural Services
941. Motion picture and other entertainment services
942. Libraries, museums, botanical and zoological gardens, and other cultural services not elsewhere classified
949. Amusement and recreational services not elsewhere classified
95. Personal and Household Services
951. Repair services not elsewhere classified
952. Laundries, laundry services, and cleaning and dyeing plants
953. Domestic services
959. Miscellaneous personal services
960. International and Other Extra-Territorial Bodies

Major Division 0. Activities not Adequately Defined
000. Activities not adequately defined


1 This Classification consists of Major Divisions (one-digit codes), Divisions (two-digit codes), Major Groups (three-digit codes) and Groups (four-digit codes); the last are not shown separately in this Annex.
For full details see United Nations: Statistical Papers, Series M, No. 4, rev. 2 (New York, 1968).